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Faith Foxxx Madison

Who Is The Cam Princess:

Before The Web cam was introduced to the general public I was a frequent AOL chat room visitor. I quickly found that sharing REAL photos really got the men hooked!

I spent endless hours Cyber messaging (they were not called text messages then) via IM I was addicted but my fingers were getting tired! I added a toll-free # and direct billing. I had more calls than I could handle. I had several friends helping out with naughty phone calls.

As the webcam became more prominent I decided to go with that trend. It was at that point I became one with the internet.

21 years later I now know more than I ever could have possibly imagined this truly is a crazy sick and twisted world we live in. I have explored many different fetishes, both men's and women's desires. I have found that what comes most naturally to me and what I enjoy most is being in control.

The Dominatrix inside of me runs deep within. I no longer provide VANILLA types of sessions. If you are seeking a session with me you will EXPECT that you will become my play pet to do as I see fit with.

Financial Domination has truly become my lifestyle. In early 2005 I found that my favorite subs tend to have a disposable income. It’s a FAITHTASTIC feeling waking up each morning. Knowing that I have no stress, no worries, simply play a few head games throughout the week and save up for my next trip! (Currently Saving Up For My Pilots Licence)

Financial Domination does not occur in one session. This is a long term commitment for very serious financial submissive slaves.

I do not accept every man or woman that thinks they are the right submissive for me. I require an application fee if and accepted a contract fee. I am Faith Foxxx Madison a Cam Legend a true pioneer in the Virtual Adult Entertainment Industry and self-declared Illumi Naughty Princess.

Elite Access holders to the IP Portal Gain Dark Details of the Creation of the Illumi Naughty Princess, A real life fictional virtual character.  These days typically only long term contract Subs Catch My Attention.

Were you looking for just good ol'fashion "web cam shows"

Dom sessions to intense for your current state of mind? No worries here is a DIRECT LINK with thousands of ladies live now and available. I DO NOT OFFER VANILLA SESSIONS. Review the profiles and find the perfect match for you! At The Same Time You Will Be Financially Serving Me So It's A WIN WIN for everyone!

If you are un-owned and or curious and interested having an initial with me session there is a minimum of 10 Minutes Billed At The Rate Of $10.00 Per Minute should you wish to enter my realm.

Russell Brand Radio Show Financial Domination Q & A With Faith Foxxx Madison

Russell Brand Radio Show Financial Domination Q & A With Faith Foxxx Madison From FinDomme.Org Follow Faith Foxxx Madison On Twitter At

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